Gear Review – Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 III

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Gear Review – Fender Hot Rod Deville 212 III

Fender has been the main go-to amp for many successful artists. With it’s classic tone, Fender amps never disappoint. All their amps have very similar tonal characteristics, however they each bring something new to the table. One of the very successful series includes the Hot Rod Deville amps.

This 2×12 Celestion G12P-80 combo amp packs 60 watts, which is great for delivering great powerful and punchy tones and not to mention, the amp can be turned up really loud if it has to, which makes it great for recording. Electronically speaking, it is very similar to Fender’s other very successful amp, the Twin Reverb. The tube configuration involves 6L6’s and all 12AX7’s. This configuration delivers the classic low-headroom Fender tone.

The EQ section is very basic, with the standard “Bass”, “Mid”, “Treble” controls, which controls both channels and are very smooth and responsive. The clean channel has an extra feature that switches between “Normal” and “Bright”, allowing great flexibility with the tone options. The drive channel has an option to add more gain in order to get more drive and volume for solos. To top it off, the amp contains a master section, which has been getting more and more popular for professional amps. This includes a “Presence” knob to add more sparkle to your tone, a “Reverb” knob controlling Fender’s classic reverb sound that has been used on their old classic amps, as well as a “Master” knob, controlling the overall volume relative to your channel volume. Meaning, you will not lose any tonal qualities at lower volumes. This feature is great because it allows versatility in terms of whichever context the amp is used in (a bedroom, a stage, or a recording studio).

Fender Hot Rod Deville 212

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs use the Hot Rod Deville 4×10 as part of their tour setup

An extra feature is the “Pre Amp Out” and the  “Power Amp In” options. These allow you to combine different heads or cabinets through the Fender amp, making your tonal possibilities almost limitless. Last but not least, a footswitch option to allow you to easily change between channels.

Fender remains to be one of the most top-notch selling amps. They are used by professionals on tours and studios all across the world. The classic tone similarity of each amp is remarkable, as well as it’s capability to deliver consistently every single time.

Here at Soundhouse Studios, we are proud to have this amp in our rental stock and they have been able to please every single customer who rents it. Next time you book your rehearsal with us, rent out the Fender Hot Rod Deville for a professional musical experience.

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