Gear Review – Marshall MA50H

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Gear Review – Marshall MA50H

The legendary Marshall amps have been used for decades by professionals in all different kinds of genres, from soft rock to metal and virtually any other genre you can think of. You basically can’t go wrong when using a Marshall amp. Today, I’ll be reviewing the MA 50-Watt amp.

The MA50 is an all tube amp head that comes with 2 channels. Right from the start, it is stacked with the classic EL34 tubes, which helps deliver the well-known Marshall tone, heard on millions of records.

The amp is also quite versatile with it’s settings and tone controls. The clean channel has a very simple and user-friendly design, with the basic Treble, Middle, and Bass tone knobs, which allow for full range of tone when dialing in your sound. It also has the standard volume and gain knobs to help you dial your tone exactly how you want it. The dirty channel is design similarly to the clean channel, however it has two extra features. One being the “crunch balance” knob, which can be used to bring up some more body into your tone. The channel also has a boost option, which adds a bit more gain and volume for solos, so it can sit on top of the band and cut through the mix.

Just like a lot of modern amps, the MA50 has incorporated a master section, which wasn’t present in their previous amps. This section includes an overall resonance and presence knob that acts more like a master EQ. It can be very useful when you want a bit more body and bite from your sound. To top it off, the amp’s master section also has a reverb knob, which is the same as the old-school Marshall amps. Alike most conventional amps, there is a built in FX loop and the channel switching can be controlled by a 1/4-inch footswitch.

Here at Soundhouse Studios, we have the Marshall MA50H available for rent alongside a 4×10 Marshall cabinet, in order to give you the ultimate rehearsal experience. Come on and try it out next time you’re in!

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