Gear Review: PDP Concept Maple Drum Kit

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Gear Review: PDP Concept Maple Drum Kit

DW decided in the year 2000 to start another line of drums that were built with the quality of a session kit that lives up to it’s DW roots but without the very high price tag. So, the PDP (Pacific Drums And Percussion) line was born, providing consumers with a series of different drum lines to choose from over the years. A year and a half ago, PDP launched the new PDP Concept Series to offer drummers  a boutique inspired drum set with a list of options comparable to a session kit. The concept series drum kits were offered with both 7 ply Maple or birch shells and a 10 ply maple or birch snare drum. The Concept drum series offered a series of features like STM (Suspension Tom Mounts), True Pitch tension rods, die cast low-mass claw hooks, proportionate counter hoops and durable lacquer finishes that gives this drum set a pro session feel.

PDP Drum kit - Soundhouse Studios Vancouver Rehearsal Studio

SoundHouse studios has all PDP maple-shell kits, and now that that the Concept line is out, has started adding these to their rooms. Right away the room brightens up with the silver to black fade finish that sparkles in the light. The minute you strike the drums there is an instant feeling of comfort. The Concept kits have a great sense of durability and sound awesome. What helps is the true pitch tension rods that make tuning a breeze to get the sound that fits your style. I would highly recommend recording with these drums as well. If you are looking to try a fresh new drum brand and you are in the Vancouver area, stop by SoundHouse studios and give the PDP Concept Maple kit a try. You won’t be disappointed. Be sure to ask for the “Commodore Room” that this kit is currently in, noting that more rooms will have this kit in the future!

Check out this PDP Concept promo video to hear how great these drums sound:



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