Gear Review: VOX AC30 Guitar Amp

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Gear Review: VOX AC30 Guitar Amp

It’s time for another gear review! This time I’ll be discussing a very popular amplifier from Vox, the AC30. Many great artists such as Edge of U2, Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters, Brian May of Queen and many more have used this amp. With excellent bright crisp cleans and classic rock distortion, the AC30 continues to thrive in the gear world.

It usually comes in a small 2×12 combo style and is also fairly lightweight. It is loaded with great quality Celestion G12M Greenback speakers, offering a smooth and warm low end with a nice rich high end. The AC30 provides 30 watts of power, which helps you get that old school broken up sound. The Greenback speakers work great with 30 watts of power.

With a footswitch, you can select between the clean channel and the dirty channel, giving you complete control over your sound. To make it even more versatile, Vox has added an FX loop in the back, which makes it great for plugging in your effect pedals through the back to get a different tone out of your pedals. You also have the option to plug external speakers into the amp, which allows you to use the power section of the AC30 itself, but run through a 4×12 or any other kind of speaker setup.

The “Tone Cut” knob is essentially another EQ knob. What is special about this particular one is that it is set in the power section of the amp instead of the pre-amp section. This allows for a different, more precise tone control, on top of the already existing EQ knobs (Treble, Middle and Low).

Vox is well known for their built-in reverb and tremolo, so the AC30 has these effects dialed in to perfection. The knobs have a great response and these can also be controlled with a footswitch.

In addition, each channel has individual volume control, but the amp also has a master volume control. Did you ever get a great sound from an amp, but it was too loud? Most tube amps were designed to sound best when you could manage to get the tubes nice and warm, which meant to turn up the volume knob and mess around with the gain knob, which in return would also affect the volume. Though a lot of amps are still designed this way, there are also a great deal of amps with a master control. By placing it after the pre-amp section, it allows you to turn the volume down, by maintaining the tone of the sound as if it were loud.

Here at Soundhouse Studios, we have 2 Vox AC30’s available for rent. Being a rehearsal studio, we need versatility in the gear we rent out, because every musician is different and we want to be able to satisfy each and every one of you. We chose this amp to be part of our arsenal because of the high amount of control the player has in getting the sound suited best for them. Next time you need an amp for rental, we highly recommend this one! And if you are looking for a new amp, go and give this one a shot! I’m sure you’ll be amazed with the amount of tones you can get out of it!

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