Make your own Guitar Picks

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Make your own Guitar Picks

We got a new guitar pick maker for Christmas! Bring in old gift cards, credit cards, ID cards, or any other thin plastic to make your own picks.  I think a lot of people lose their picks on our colorful carpets, so now you can make your own custom guitar picks and never run out during a rehearsal. You can even make a guitar pick of your face if you bring an old ID card!

If you want one to call your own, check out:


  1. Guy, January 3, 2013:

    Awesome! You guys have all the best equipment at Soundhouse.your rooms are amazing, and now I can make my own picks?? Sweet!

  2. J-Ray, February 18, 2013:

    I made a bunch of them from old Starbucks gift cards. Really nice! Sand the edges for better performance.

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