How Your Surroundings affect Musical Productivity

How Your Surroundings affect Musical Productivity

Our mind is a very simple one. Though extremely complex in its own way, it prefers that things are simple and in order. For example, a “multi-tasker” may be capable of doing multiple things at once, however quality is compromised. The same way that if you’re stressed out about a particular event in our lives, it inhibits work quality, as I’m sure everyone has noticed. Our mind can’t be distracted when you’re telling it to do something. It likes to work in a simple way.

This theory has been used as the main principle when it comes to relaxation and meditation. Rehab centers tend to have a room where there are no distractions, just relaxing music. This is known to clear your mind and focus on just one thing, relaxing. Music therapy works in similar ways. This idea can be a very useful tool for musicians.

A nice, clean, professional rehearsal space for example is a great start. Working in an environment where there is no graffiti on the walls, beer cans or who knows what else. Having a clean place where a group of people do nothing but focus on their goal can help you be more successful, and we had countless customers come in to tell us just how much more productive they are in our space. Same thing applies for band members that don’t focus enough, and just like that noisy kid in class, it’s distracting. Distractions are inhibitors of productivity. The simpler you can get your environment, the better and faster you’ll work. And going one step further, being in a professional space also helps you feel like more of a professional, and can help you take yourself and your music more seriously. Think about how you’ve felt playing music in some spaces versus others. We truly believe that one’s surroundings can help musicians elevate their game.

In some cases, even the colour chosen for the room affects productivity as well as the décor. A proper workspace is one that has considered all these aspects when designing the space. Just like any regular worker, a musician needs a rehearsal space as such, with you know… carpets on the wall 😉

Great soundproofing is part of this as well, because even auditory distractions can pull your focus away to other things, like that metal band in the room next to you.

Have you ever seen the sign that says “We do three kinds of jobs here: good, cheap, fast. Now pick only two”? Well, there are also three kinds of productivity: fast, good, and efficient. Most people would prefer that productivity is good and efficient, even if it takes longer, but you can have all three. Productivity can be faster and better and more efficient if you work in a comfortable and welcoming space with no distractions, just you, your bandmates and your goals.”


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