Keeping Your Audience Engaged

Keeping Your Audience Engaged

A very important aspect of being an active musician is your fans. Without them, there is no audience to listen to your music, not to mention your shows. The relationship between the musician and the fans has shifted to be a more personal one in recent years due to the internet and social media. As a result, the artist needs to find new ways to get their fans involved!

There are many ways to do this, online social presence being one of the most important. Staying active online helps break down the boundary between the “star” and the “fans”. It brings everyone on the same level and creates a sense of community. A good idea is to create a weekly post that’s signature to you, for example some people may post a joke or anecdote every Friday, or a behind-the-scenes shot every Wednesday. Think of it as a Twitter hashtag (e.g., #throwbackthursday).

Keep momentum high by posting a lot of content! Keep your audience up to date on what’s going on with your project even if you don’t have the final product ready for them to see. Post an Instagram photo letting them know you’re writing or recording. Covers are another easy way to increase online content. I know writing originals may not come so fast for a lot of musicians, so instead, record a cover of a popular song and release it. It will show that you’re still active and are changing it up a bit for variety. It doesn’t even have to be high maintenance, just do it!

The best place to socialize with your fans face-to-face is obviously at shows. Take advantage of that time to talk to them and don’t worry about tearing down your gear right away, unless you really have to. This time can be better spend talking to your fans! They will most likely ask you about your plans and that’s a great time to let them know what you’ve been up to. Even better, if their friends are with them, talk to them too, show them you’re friendly and personable and you’ll be surprised how many new faces you might see at your next show.

Some bands have used a very interesting fan interaction technique: put on a small contest on Twitter or any other social networking app, and whoever the winner is gets to come to the studio and listen to your brand new single that’s yet to be released. Vancouver band Marianas Trench has done this with a great turnout!

Keeping your audience engaged is the most important aspect of being a musician. Reality is, without them there is no audience for you and there’s nothing worse than playing to a crowd of 4 people. Create and enhance your music community and you will be a more respected musician!

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