Saving Money as a Pro Musician

Saving Money as a Pro Musician

The music industry has always been expensive, even in its earlier days. Music is a business, and like every other business, money needs to be invested in order to have different services available for you. The music industry in particular charges a lot of money for basic services, such as management or booking agents.

These prices can easily be over $1000 per service. Though they are very important, there is a better way to save some money… DO IT YOURSELF! Booking shows isn’t difficult, it just takes attention to detail and organization. We assume that we’re not as qualified as someone trained in the field would be…right? Wrong. Most of their training involves information you can learn from the internet and books if you’re willing to put in some time to teach yourself (while learning valuable skills along the way).

Another example is recording or photo/video shoots – you could either develop connections that can help you out with deals or promotion, or you could learn to do some of it yourself. With practice, it will at least be good enough for covers, demos and small promotion.

In order to make yourself more effective in the roles you take on, remember that connections are very important and that they are the other piece of the puzzle! Being involved in your local scene is hugely beneficial because it will open doors to new opportunities and connections that you wouldn’t get from books. Plus, while you do this, you’ll be building up your own network in the industry instead of a professional’s.

Not only is it important to develop connections, it’s crucial make sure you come across as a nice, easygoing person that gets others excited about working with them. It’s also very important to look professional and reliable – ask someone impartial if you’re not sure how you come across to others. You want people to WANT to work with you and you’ll need to gain their trust before they can help you.

So with that in mind, think about all the money you could save! You can learn how to book shows and tours, how to create an effective business plan, how to set band goals, do effective promotion, and more. These things alone can save you thousands of dollars. 

We shouldn’t completely ignore the importance of having an experienced professional work for you who is experienced in the field – it’s the right choice for some musicians without much extra time who can afford it. However, as a musician myself, I understand the problems many musicians face when it comes to achieving their goals, and money is often the biggest one.  Learn how to save money in the industry and you can see how much more you can accomplish! 

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