Why you should create cover videos

Why you should create cover videos

There are many great success stories out there that have resulted from posting cover videos on YouTube, one of the most famous ones being Walk Off The Earth, who have reached over 10 million views on their videos in a matter of days. What is so special about covers and how to do you do it right?

Speaking from experience, cover songs tend to be more popular than originals because the songs are usually written by already established artists that have a lot of fans who just can’t wait for that new song to come out. They will search that name over and over again until they can find the song, and if you have the right title and tags, you will pop up on their search.

The idea is to act quickly and be on the lookout for any new songs that are supposed to come out. As soon as it’s out, record the cover, mix it and put it out. That way, as people search the song, your cover will be one of the findings on their list.

Now you can see why posting originals as a new band doesn’t get as many views; it’s due to the lack of exposure. Cover songs, if done right, can attract people to your product, which they may also enjoy in return. This is a great marketing tactic that has proven to be very effective by many bands, my band being one of them.

My band Greentree did a cover of Simple Plan’s “Jet Lag” not long after they released it, and we have reached a substantial amount of views – over 20,000!  Here’s our link if you want to see an example:

It may not have millions of views, but it’s received the most views out of ALL of our videos. Most new bands work very hard on exposure and getting their name out there. YouTube has proven to be the best way to get that exposure, if done right.

To recap, creating an effective cover video can be done in these three steps:

1.     Be on the lookout for any new releases from well known artists.

2.     Act quickly and record/film your cover video. Find out ahead of time the date that an artist is going to release a video and have yours ready to post within a couple of days after their video release. This means you’re very very likely to come up high in the youtube search results and subsequently get many views.

3.     Make sure you mention the original artists’ name and song in your title as well as the name of your group and that it’s a cover. For example: “Simple Plan – Jet Lag (GreenTree Cover)”

Of course, that’s not the only thing that can affect your views. The quality of the product is also important. It needs to be unique and well…good. If it’s not good, you will actually turn people off from your originals, and you don’t want that.

Check out Walk Off The Earth’s videos and see what they did with theirs:


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