Rock the Office: Not your Grandma’s Team Building

Rock the Office: Not your Grandma’s Team Building

Team-Building often conjures images of cheesy exercises and awkward moments, but edgy new music workshops from Soundhouse Studios are shaking things up. Innovative companies including Nike and Qlik rave about these workshops, as Rock the Office is gaining momentum as the new ‘it’ activity.

Shifting the focus to the employee experience, this program is designed to get people having fun and working together while laughing and bonding, all held in a pro sound studio. Picture this: you’ve just spent 2 hours with a handful of coworkers learning a song of your choice from scratch (you’re learning drums, Mike from HR is on keys, Jessica from accounting is on guitar and singing, and your boss is singing backup, and don’t forget Gail from HR is on the shaker). A dedicated music producer is your coach – someone who can teach you quick tricks to play an instrument, while helping you work together to sound like a team. Your producer even plays backup guitar and vocals and gives you time cues – he’s there to help you have fun while you’re playing! Through the laughter you learn a song, and then you gather with your other coworkers who’ve done the same to play it for them! It’s a riot, and it brings everyone out of their shell. You never know, you might even start an office band after this.

Shy people need not fret! You can choose to play an instrument, sing, or play a supporting role: the shaker, tambourine, or backup singing. There’s a place for everyone in Rock the Office, and all personality types thrive in it. Your music producer will tailor the workshop to your needs specifically, so that everyone has fun and feels comfortable. The most important part is there’s no musical experience necessary – your pro music producer is great at getting everyone playing together and having fun. Soundhouse Studios provides everything you need, from the studio rooms, to the sound equipment, instruments, and more. The studio is quite large and can accommodate from 4 to 60 people per 3.5 hour session. If you want to bond with your coworkers in an unexpected and unforgettable way, join Soundhouse Studios to rock YOUR office!

“We walked in thinking we could never play an instrument and everyone ended up having the time of their lives that afternoon.”

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